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Born in Bologna, under the Two Towers. Former manager of multinationals, he retires to Sicily, in the ancient seaside village of Aci Trezza (Catania), here he discovers a still unknown Sicily, and here the idea of opening a business as a tourist operator, starting to look for suppliers such as fishermen, Etna winemakers, experts in the seabed to create and offer emotions to international tourism.
He specialized as a Property manager and in July 2023 "ARTURO CARELLI TRAVEL" was born.

Tours and tourist activities in a Sicily full of myths and legends, locations and experiences that you will always carry in your heart: Acireale, Aci Castello, Aci Trezza, Etna, Favignana are waiting for you. Our activities open all year!Thirteen tours in 2024.

Choose the tour or activity in various locations in Sicily

We offer a diversity of choice that you can get excited about for two/three consecutive days with local food and wine.

  • Acireale The Godfather
  • Aci Castello Diving
  • Aci Trezza boat tour
  • Etna wine tour
  • Favignana aquatic eco museum

Acireale the God father and Aci Trezza boat tour


A city that rests on a 500 thousand year old volcanic plateau with 100 bell towers and 54 churches.

4 Hours


A symbiosis of a boat tour immersed in Greek history with a visit to the locations of the film The Godfather, with Sicilian lunch and dinner.

8 Hours   

" Nice relaxing boat tour. Got to know about the islands of Cyclops with Arturo. You could stop for photos anywhere during the trip and in the beautiful caves "

Saumya Tripathi Trivedi

" Conosco Arturo Carelli da quando abitava a Bologna,persona seria e piena di idee dinamiche, appena visiteremo la Sicilia con mia moglie sicuramente mi affiderò a lui. "

Fabrizio Fullone

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