it feels like you're in France but you're in Sicily: at the castles of Santo Stefano Medio

Once again the Peloritan mountains amaze us with their incredible variety. A stone's throw from Messina, in its own territory starting from the village of Galati S. Lucia and arriving in that of S. Stefano Medio you come across the most fantastic of landscapes: rugged and serrated mountains that can recall Montserrat in France even in their small way , the sawn mountain indeed.

Although it does not reach high heights, 743 m. the highest peak, they branch out from the valley directly perpendicular and with bold shapes. Departing from the starting point of the excursion, the mountains formed a perfect letter V with the sea peeking out below. Afterwards we set off along rugged paths, however enlivened by the dazzling autumn colors of the foliage of some poplar trees.