Sicily, visit to the Belvedere on the Valle del Bove

Etna, with its strength and beauty, is a treasure chest of precious gifts that never ceases to enchant us. Today we will set off along a path of no particular difficulty, which will show us all the majesty of a unique panorama.
In fact, some varieties of ancient apples, typical of Etna, which represent an important part of the biodiversity of this area, are still cultivated today with passion and perseverance in this area. They are concrete evidence of the peasant perseverance that managed to preserve crops that otherwise risked being forgotten.

The apples that still grow on the volcano today seemed destined to disappear, but thanks to some farmers, united in an Agricultural Cooperative, they were saved from oblivion and extinction, becoming a Slow Food Presidium in 2016.

Their indigenous presence on Etna has very ancient origins and dates back to the Middle Ages, when from the 12th century until the 16th century the territory was still inhabited by the monks of the Monastery of San Nicolò La Rena di Nicolosi (also known as San Nicola).